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AI is the next wave humans can surf. Exploring it reveals the ups and downs of opportunity — risk and reward are all around us. I’m Brian, and bring an exciting background in small business and software development. AI has me more curious than ever about what’s possible and where we’re headed. I met Zeng on Twitter and am stoked to be sharing our enthusiasm as we adventure into this fun new world.

As the co-founder of this newsletter, I'm thrilled to introduce myself. My name is Zeng and I have a passion for creating AI art. In fact, it was my love for AI art that brought me and my co-founder Brian together. We met on Twitter and hit it off when I made him an AI neon cockroaches art piece. We had a good chat. His idea of starting a newsletter around AI inspired me. This is 2023, it is about AI. We say let's do it!

Our goal with this newsletter is to provide fun and unique insights into the world of AI, covering everything from the latest developments in the field to the creative ways people are using AI in their work. So whether you're an AI enthusiast, a maker, or just someone who loves to learn, we hope you'll find something interesting and valuable here.

Thanks for joining us at WhoWhatWhyAi😊

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